NOTEBOOK COVER (Recipes or whatever)

I love notebooks.


I’ll walk through stores, especially office supply, and see a notebook display and have to get over there to check them out.  I have them all over the house and I buy them just because.  You would think, being who I am, that I would have a notebook designated to each set of ideas, i.e., recipes, quilts, bags, embroidery, etc.  Nooooo-they are all mixed up, but oh well, it doesn’t matter.  Anyway, I was playing with one of Kimberbell Designs “Fun With Fringe” and decided to cover a notebook with the Christmas design and make it a collection of Christmas recipes.  I dug through my “notebooks” and found one that I had not yet scribbled in


I measured the cover.  It was 7” x 9 ½”, so I popped up the 5” x 7” hoop in the IQ designer of my Baby Lock Destiny II and started laying out what I wanted on the cover.  Once I was happy with the design, I placed two sheets of The Embroidery Store’s fusible no show mesh in the hoop for stabilizer along with a red tea towel and stitched out my design horizontally on the width of the towel.  Follow me while I make the cover:

My full notebook measured 9 ½” x 14”.  The towel measured approximately 18” x 28”.  When I stitched out the design, I placed it as close to the hem as I could without stitching my design on the hem itself.


 I removed the hem from the opposite end of the towel. 

DSC00658        DSC00659

Fold the towel in on itself so the design is close to the folded edge.  This will be on the spine of the notebook.   I then brought the cut edge under the hem of the towel.  Since my notebook top is 7” wide, I then measured 9 ½” from the fold and cut off the excess towel.  (photos 660 and 661)

When you open out the fold you will have two pieces. 

 DSC00662   DSC00663

Overlap the folded edge over the cut edge of the smaller piece placing a length of jumbo rick rack in between and stitch on the folded edge. 


DSC00666    DSC00667

Press both raw edges in ½” and stitch.  I decided to put buttons on the rick rack for a little more interest.  I used different sized buttons, because I had them.  

 DSC00668 DSC00670

Find center of your embroidery design and mark center on the back of the towel.  I used a chalk-o-liner for ease of removal.   My notebook is 9/12” tall so I measured 5” to each side of my center mark.  


Then cut 1” beyond those lines. 


Place right side up and fold in finished sides until it measures the width of your notebook (14”).   


Stitch the four corners so the inside measurement is slightly larger than the length of your notebook.  My notebook is 9 ½” so I sewed mine 9 ¾”, but it is a tight fit, so I would recommend  10”. 


Trim the four corners as shown. 


Turn right side out and press the long raw edges in.  It should be about a 1” fold.  Carefully stitch the raw edge down being careful not to stitch into the folded sides.  Stitch a length of ribbon to the top inside center for a bookmark and you are finished.  


Insert your note book and you have a great gift either for yourself or someone else.  Wouldn’t this be great as a shower gift with some your favorite recipes?  Or change up your design and words on the front, and use it for quilt ideas, or wherever your imagination goes.  I hope you enjoy this.

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Night Before Christmas by OESD

Over a year ago I saw this OESD design and fell in love with the chalkboard color version.  It is called "Night Before Christmas" #12592.  I ordered the design, printed out the instructions and kept coming across it in my sewing room until I decided about four weeks ago to get started.  And, I love it!

 OESD Night before Christmas complete resized

The picture does not do it justice.  I used the 5” x  7” Snap Hoop from Dime throughout. 

OESD Night before Christmas pattern resized

I was able to combine two of the corner blocks in one hooping and also for the top and bottom borders.  If I had used my larger Snap Hoop, I would have been able to combine the side borders to do two at once. But since I already had my fabric cut, I decided to stick with the 5” x 7”. 

OESD Night before Christmas software resized

Come by the shop and see the original.  And to help you get started for the holidays, during the month of September when you order through Green's web page on OESD website using the coupon code.

Get code now >>> Click Here

Machine used: Destiny II by Baby Lock

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Baby Lock Tech 2017

This year Baby Lock is kicking off their 50th Anniversary Celebration

Baby Lock 50th Baby Lock Tech 2017

OH BOY, OH BOY, OH BOY, Jackie and I get to go to Baby Lock Tech with Tina.  Can't wait!  We are so excited.  She told us about three months ago and we have been driving her crazy checking on the email registrations.  She made the mistake of telling us that once the registration was emailed that we had to jump on getting it completed to get the classes we wanted to attend. 

When the pre-registration info was sent to Tina, she forwarded it to us so we had time to dream and make notes about what we might be able to take.  Whoa, sensory overload.  I wanted to take them all.  No kidding, there were so many I wanted that I could probably attend for a week and still not complete all of them on my wish list.  Anyway, the day came that they were going to go online to register for our classes.  Double checked that 10:00 a.m. Central Time was 8:00 a.m. for us. 

Can you imagine that many people trying to get on the same website to schedule their classes?  At first, I was unable to log on.  I guess because there were so many people trying to get on at the same time.   Finally, there it was.  I didn't get all the classes I was hoping for, but I did get my number 1 and number 2 choices and then just added from there with whatever I could.  We are leaving the end of August and I will be taking pictures and will write more when we get back.   

By the way, just found out that we are leaving on the 5:30 a.m. flight to Seattle.  OH NO!!!


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Our Week at the Coast

We scheduled it, and we did it!  We didn't let anything stand in our way.  The three of us needed some dedicated sewing time and we went to beautiful Waldport.  The house was tiny, but had everything we needed and then some. 

prep time 1

prep time 2

prep time 3


We walked to the beach and Jackie and I even walked out into the water.  The sand was wonderfully warm and the weather was perfect.  Tina decided not to walk Vinny on the sand because she knew he wouldn't be happy once we got back to the house and he had to be sprayed down to remove the sand.  We took lots of projects to work on so that we can wow you when we finally get to move over to the expansion area.  It will happen, trust us.  And, we are working on so many new things to get everyone excited.

walking on the coast 

You can see from our teaser pictures that there is some fun stuff happening. 

Fun times with Tina
And, no, that is not a halter top. 

It is the most adorable purse, but the construction is such that it looked like a halter top so Tina had to play with it.   Jackie and I worked on purses, bags, totes and wearables, oh my!!!  Tina had fun with open work designs on the Destiny II and copic markers. 

sneak peeks 1

 sneak peeks 2

sneak peeks 3


We all had a great time and hope to do it again next year, because we get so much done.  We can't wait for you to see the finished works.  Tina and Jackie were using their Baby Lock Destiny IIs.  I was using my Baby Lock Crescendo, and Jackie was also using her Baby Lock Evolution serger.

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Monogrammed Travel Trio - Shop, Work & Fun

This is a fantastic product. Tina had ordered in a couple of different colors so we could start playing with it. Jackie and I found this great "Monogrammed Travel Trio" on the Janome website. We opted not to do a monogram but instead labeled them "shop," "work," and "fun."

ALL THREE resized


This is really an easy product to work with. In some instances you may need a leather or jeans needle depending on some of the bulky spots, and sometimes when doing topstitching, you may want to use a teflon foot or roller foot if you find that your regular foot is dragging a little.

TOTE resized

Jackie used the Baby Lock Soprano with a Klasse size 14 leather needle and the teflon foot. We have made a kit for the Travel Trio which includes the amount of cork needed for all three projects and the metal 7" zipper we used on the Zippered Pouch.

WORK AND FUN resized

The patterns for the three projects are available at We have included a link for each of the three projects for your ease in finding them on their website, and a layout for the cutting of the cork. The kit price is $45.00.

Product Name:  Monogrammed Travel Trio

Machine: Baby Lock Soprano by Baby Lock

You can get to the Sew4Home website on any link listed below:

Monogrammed Travel Trio Device Case 

Monogrammed Travel Trio Zippered Pouch 

Monogrammed Travel Trio Weekender Tote


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Holiday Shadow Boxes using Stitches by DIME

After lunch one day, we decided to pop into Craft Warehouse and see what was on sale during their sidewalk sale. Oh wow, we found some inexpensive items to play with for some home decor embroidery items. I just had to start with the black pedestal shadowbox.

shadow box prep

I thought it would be fun to design something related to the holidays using Word Art in Stitches by DIME.

shadow box prep software

I started with my shapes, filled them in with words related to the shape theme and let it do it’s job. What fun!!! I did have to make sure they were sized to fit my design area. I stitched them out

shadow box prep 3

Then padded foam core with leftover batting scraps and used double stick tape and E6000 glue to stick the two together.

shadow box prep 4

If you decide to do something like this, don’t forget to cut your foam core slightly smaller to take into account batting and fabric. I glued a colored ribbon around the edges to cover up where the covered pieces met. Even though you don’t really see the edges in the shadowbox, I really wanted a cleaner finish. I then added some crystals for a little bling, and sandwiched the designs in between the two pieces of glass and slid the unit into the shadow box. Slid the lid in place and immediately fell in love with my little design.

shadow box front back final

I think this will look great placed in the center of a wreath on the holiday table. Don’t you? I did go buy two more of the shadow boxes, and can’t wait to get started on them. You could easily whip up some other holiday or seasonal designs to replace these throughout the year. Wouldn’t that be fun? Snowflakes for January, hearts for February, shamrocks for March, and just keep on going!

Stitched out on the Baby Lock Destiny

Designed using DIME Word Art in Stitches software

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This is a cool product. I have been wanting to work with it for some time and finally have.

kraft tex paper fabric original set

I wanted to wash it first to see what it would be like. I read about the process on line and decided to try it. I had a bag pattern picked out and have kraft-tex in black and white. I decided with the other fabrics I chose, to use the black.

kraft tex paper fabric whitekraft tex paper fabric black

So I took the roll which is 19" x 1 1/2 yards and crumpled it up as best I could. It's pretty stiff stuff. I then threw it in the washer with my husband's jeans (think I wanted to mess up my own if it got ugly?) on warm wash and cool rinse. I then threw it all in the dryer. It came out pretty crumpled up. I then steamed it with a hot iron. I did not use a pressing cloth, I just ironed it as best I could. I then cut it according to my pattern directions. It sews beautifully. You do have to slow down when going through thicknesses, but other than that, it was great. I also did a light embroidery on it to showcase my fabric. Sorry, you will have to wait to see the finished bag. It will be one of our new models when the remodel is completed. What you say, you are remodeling?

something new is coming soon

Yes, we are expanding and will have a classroom, so stay in touch. We can't wait either!

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SEW in love with this!

This was another find when we hit the sidewalk sale at Craft Warehouse. It’s one of those wooden panels that looks like a recessed cabinet door.

sew prep

I saw this idea for a project called “Monogram Grid” in the March/April 2014 issue of Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine. I thought it would be fun to spell out a word instead of doing a monogram using their background application. I measured the inside measurement of the panel and divided it by three to get the area for design size. I found that the 6” square used in the magazine was going to work perfectly. I used the Perfect Embroidery Pro design program from DIME and started following the magazine directions just changing out my letters. I started with the “S”, of course, and put “E” and “W” in the background.

monogram grid

Saved it to my memory stick and then did the remaining two letters. Using Snap Hoop I stitched out the three letters.

sew prep final

I then glued batting to the tops only, of three pieces of foam core cut to size, drew a square around each design one inch bigger than the foam core size so that it would make it easier to center the design on to the foam core. I put strips of double stick tape on the back of the foam core and wrapped the fabric to the back and held the corners down with more tape. I then used E6000 glue to glue the three pieces into the panel. I decided to accent it by gluing ribbon across the two seam areas where the stitched panels met and around the four outside edges to give it a finished look. I think it turned out great.

monogram grid sew

I went back to get another of the panels, only in white this time, and I think I will do the word “JOY” for the holidays. Since I have been doing these home décor projects, I am now looking at picture frames, shadow boxes and other craft related items differently.

Stitched out on the Baby Lock Destiny
Snap Hoop by DIME
Designed using DIME Perfect Embroidery Pro

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Log Cabin Table Runner Pre-Cut Kit by Maywood Studio

Have you ever had a day when you knew you wanted to work on something, but didn't want to get started on something big either because you felt you didn't have the time or maybe the energy to pick it out? Well, there I was in the sewing room. I had once again cleaned off the horizontal surfaces and had some time to work on something, Oh, sure, I have plenty of projects already started, but just didn't feel like trying to remember where I had left off. Then I looked at a pile of projects waiting for me, and I saw this package leaning against my sewing cabinet. I really liked the fabrics in the kit and decided I would start yet another project. Of course, being a log cabin design helped. I love log cabins.

Well I made the right choice. You open the kit, look at the instructions, and they have it packaged in order of use to construct the project. How easy is that? Just lay it out and start sewing.

Log Cabin Table Runner
I had the four blocks finished in less than 45 minutes.

Log Cabin Table Runner using my BabyLock
The top was done in an hour. Wow!!!

I decided to go ahead and quilt it myself on my Destiny using the Snap Hoop by Dime.
Log Cabin Table Runner using my BabyLock 2
I had used the Snap Hoop before for an embroidery design and liked it, but let me tell you that using it for quilting is fantastic. You just literally "snap" the quilt sandwich into the hoop and pick your quilting design and stitch. Yes, there are multiple hoopings, but it's so easy with the Snap Hoop, just lift the magnetic top of the hoop, place your sandwich in the hoop and drop the top back on, make some minor adjustments and go again. I quilted the runner with an all over stipple using Exquisite variegated thread V104.

Log Cabin Table Runner finished product

This was a quick, oh my gosh, I got it finished in one evening project. I will definitely make more. It was very rewarding. Come try one, I think you will really like doing these fun, easy projects. The table runners include the backing and binding. The quilts include the binding, but you do need to pick a backing.

Love 'em

Product NameLog Cabin Table Runner Pre-Cut Kit by Maywood Studio

Machine: Baby Lock Crescendo by Baby Lock

The pattern and all supplies to make it are available at Green's Sewing & Vacuum

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Designer Knockoff Handbags from Designs in Machine Embroidery

I have been wanting to make one of the bags from 1 of the 2 Designer Knockoff books from Designs in Machine Embroidery since the first one came out.
Designer Knockoff Handbags Material Prep
When I stumbled on a piece of fabric that I thought would be perfect, now was my time. Oh yeah, best laid plans. It took me some time to gather the rest of the items needed to make the bag and when that finally happened, I got through about half of the bag and then was interrupted by, you guessed it, LIFE. Of course, there is the ordinary day-to-day, but then throw in jury duty and a trip to Central California with my dad to visit his sister, and then three of us have decided to rent a place on the coast for a mini sewing retreat. Tina and I are hoping to get some uninterrupted time working on projects for the store and upcoming events. So the preparation of projects to take so that you aren't wasting your time cutting, or possibly taking every piece of fabric you own (who wants to rent an 18-wheeler?), was quite time consuming too. My wonderful Knockoff bag kept getting shoved around the sewing room. Of course, too I was trying to keep everything together so that I didn't have to hunt for anything when I eventually got back to it.

Well, finally the time came, and there it was, in a pile of bits and pieces. Of course, I had to re-read the directions to figure out where I left off, because I don't know about you, but my memory is at max about a week ago with a sewing project, and it had been just about a month since I had last worked on it. I had gotten through the prep of most of the outer bag.
Designer Knockoff Handbags Using BabyLock Machine Designer Knockoff Handbags Using BabyLock Machine 2Embroidery wise all I had left was to embroider the outlines for the grommet placement on the lining pieces. Once that was done, it was on to basically putting it together. The construction of the handles differed from anything I had done before, but it was really easy. Also, using the large wonder clips is something I have done in the past and it worked well here too.
Designer Knockoff Handbags Material Prep 2I will admit that inserting the grommets through all that thickness was a bit tricky but after trimming a little at a time, they finally popped in. I did the zipper installation instead of using a magnet closure. This meant that I had to bind the top edges, but again, the wonder clips worked beautifully. Pins just would not have worked here through all the thickness.
Designer Knockoff Handbags Material Prep 3I think the finished bag turned out great. This was a general cotton weight fabric and I found a great piece of ultra suede in the stash that matched beautifully.
Designer Knockoff Handbags Using BabyLock Machine 3
I hope you enjoy making one of these bags as much as I did. There are a number of different designs in the books, including a small clutch. That's on my list to try, but first off to the coast. There will be pictures of our adventure and, of course, projects.

Product NameDesigner Knockoff using DIME Handbag 2 Designer Knockoff

Machine: Baby Lock Destiny by Baby Lock

The pattern and all supplies to make it are available at Green's Sewing & Vacuum

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Seasonal Celebrations Placemats by Lunch Box Quilts

It was time to update the placemats in the store and since Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day were upon us, I decided to do a patriotic theme.  So, of course, I started with red for the placemat itself.  And, then I used the Americana embroidery design on the Lunch Box Quilts Seasonal Celebrations Placemats CD.


These designs are so quick and easy to stitch out.  Once you decide what you want to put on your placemat, press the back and top onto the placemat, trim and bind.  Since I have been playing with "Slicker" a fusible vinyl from Lazy Girl Designs, I decided to fuse it to the top of the placemat for ease of cleaning. 

It is necessary to bind with a bias binding because of the curves, but because I was using a striped fabric anyway, bias was best.  I will confess that I did complete the binding on the machine rather than by hand because of the stiffness of the placemat, but this was really easy.  I used Clover Wonder Clips) to hold the fabric to the back and then stitched in the ditch from the top.

They turned out great.  Lunch Box has a number of different designs for these placemats.  Wouldn't these make wonderful gifts for friends, family, wedding shower gift, hostess gift, or just to dress up your own table?  You could also use a wonderful piece of fabric alone or even piece a block and fill with a complimentary fabric instead of doing machine embroidery.  Let your imagination go.  Enjoy!!  They are fun and easy.

Product NameSeasonal Celebrations Placemats by Lunch Box Quilts using "Craf-tex" fusible placemats

Machine: Baby Lock Crescendo by Baby Lock

The pattern and all supplies to make it are available at Green's Sewing & Vacuum

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Fat Quarter Pop-up

Fat Quarter Pop-up

July 2016 By Vickie Kiser

I am not kidding. This was done in an hour. I think it took me longer to decide what fabric I wanted to use than it was to make it. I finally decided to use this great piece I had left over from a market bag I had made. The pattern calls to use a fat quarter, but since my fabric was a one-way design, I had to use her requirement of 3/8 yard. Don't forget to pay attention during construction to make sure your pop-up is popping in the right direction. You will DEFINITELY need the 4 safety pins listed on the back, and you will want to use large ones.

Here's my finished pop-up. Cute huh?


And, pop-up refills are available at Green's also. Because, you will want to make more than one.

I hope you have as much fun making them as I did. Send us pics, we would love to see what you have come up with. You can share them on Green's facebook page or tag our location when you post the pics on your facebook page.

Product NameFat Quarter Pop-up by the Fat Quarter Gypsy

Machine: Baby Lock Soprano by Baby Lock

The pattern and all supplies to make it are available at Green's Sewing & Vacuum

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Becca Bag

Becca Bag

June 2016 By Vickie Kiser

Lazy Girl Designs patterns are so much fun to make.  The best pictures and directions ever.  Her directions on cutting the zipper and changing the zipper pull are wonderful.  I was finally getting into the sewing room to make more of her new Becca Bags.  So many ideas for decorating them had popped into my head after I made the first two.  I just couldn't wait.  Oh no!!  I opened the door to my favorite room and WHY do I always have to spend the first hour shoveling it out?  I guess because I keep the door closed and it's that saying, "out of sight, out of mind."  Ok - here goes!

Wow - While I was moving some fabric into the scrap bin, I found some leftover pieces from an earlier project that I just hadn't been able to throw away.  So, I cut them into 2 1/2" squares and only had to add about 6 more to get the 40 I needed to make a scrappy Becca Bag.  I was able to make a couple of Shoo Fly blocks and then quilted the pieced bag to the batting.  I used one of my favorite variegated Valdani threads to quilt it.  I wish you could see it in the picture. Although, if you decide to try something like this, make sure you put the zipper on the top.  As you can tell from my finished bag, I put it on the wrong end and once the bag was boxed, I lost part of the design.  Oh well, learn from my mistake.

So, after that one was finished, I started digging through some of my fun trims and buttons and pulled possible bags together. I have wanted to use that great black crocheted button trim on something, and here was my opportunity.  I just love it!  Then here are the chefs with jumbo rick rack and white buttons. Wouldn't this be a great hostess gift for your foodie friend with some spices zipped up inside?  I also had this fun bright pink and orange sewing themed fabric left over from a purse I had made and I decided to go with the pattern directions except that I added some mini pom poms before adding the top band.  Difficult to tell in the picture, but they are red and I think they look great. This would make a great gift for a sewing buddy,  maybe with some new sewing tool that you think is great and want to share.

Using my Baby Lock Soprano

I saw a Becca Bag online made out of M&M wrappers.  Well, of course, I had to try it.  I bought a bag of Twix, got it home, cut it, and found out I needed another bag.  Now, what am I going to do, I have all this candy laying around my sewing room? Once you sew the bags together, you cover them with Lazy Girl's "Slicker" an iron-on glossy vinyl. That is some fun stuff!  I will be using it again.

I also made some of the smaller Becca Bags using some leftover fabrics I had.  I used some decorative stitches on the black one in silver metallic and turquoise on the lime green one.  I covered the gardening one with Slicker.  I think this would be a great gift for a gardening friend  with a new pair of gardening gloves inside.

I hope you have as much fun as I did making multiple Becca Bags.  Remember they will wow your sewing and non-sewing friends.

Product Name: Becca Bags by Lazy Girl Designs

Machine: Baby Lock Soprano by Baby Lock

The pattern and all supplies to make it are available at Green's Sewing & Vacuum.

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Sweetpea Pods

May 2016 By Vickie Kiser

I bet you can't make just one.  These little guys are so addictive that while you are making the first set, you will be making a list of friends and family members for whom you would like to make one.  They use those wonderful scraps that you just didn't have the heart to part with.  You get two adorable pods out of two 10" squares of fabric, a bit of batting and a zipper.  With some of your fabric choices, you won't know which you want to use as the outer and which the lining.  The beauty is that you can do one of each out of the 10" squares.

In just a handful of hours, I made ten peapods! 

Useful Gift Ideas:

  • Teacups and fill it with tea bags for that tea drinking friend
  • Sewing related fabric filled with Clover binding clips for that quilting buddy,
  • Holiday fabric for a Secret Santa gift,
  • Fun fabric filled with chocolate for a thank you to your hairdresser, manicurist or message therapist,
  • A place to keep wineglass markers,
  • Lip balm in your purse or hair scrunchies. 
  • For kids, what about their lunch money, marbles, jacks (do kids still play with those?)


The list of recipients is endless - what about mom, grandmother, sister, anyone that you just want to say thanks to for just being there?

I hope you have as much fun making them as I did.  Send us pics, we would love to see what you have come up with.

Product Name: Sweetpea Pods by Lazy Girl Designs

The pattern and all supplies to make it are available at Green's Sewing & Vacuum.

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