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Becca Bag

Becca Bag

June 2016 By Vickie Kiser

Lazy Girl Designs patterns are so much fun to make.  The best pictures and directions ever.  Her directions on cutting the zipper and changing the zipper pull are wonderful.  I was finally getting into the sewing room to make more of her new Becca Bags.  So many ideas for decorating them had popped into my head after I made the first two.  I just couldn't wait.  Oh no!!  I opened the door to my favorite room and WHY do I always have to spend the first hour shoveling it out?  I guess because I keep the door closed and it's that saying, "out of sight, out of mind."  Ok - here goes!

Wow - While I was moving some fabric into the scrap bin, I found some leftover pieces from an earlier project that I just hadn't been able to throw away.  So, I cut them into 2 1/2" squares and only had to add about 6 more to get the 40 I needed to make a scrappy Becca Bag.  I was able to make a couple of Shoo Fly blocks and then quilted the pieced bag to the batting.  I used one of my favorite variegated Valdani threads to quilt it.  I wish you could see it in the picture. Although, if you decide to try something like this, make sure you put the zipper on the top.  As you can tell from my finished bag, I put it on the wrong end and once the bag was boxed, I lost part of the design.  Oh well, learn from my mistake.

So, after that one was finished, I started digging through some of my fun trims and buttons and pulled possible bags together. I have wanted to use that great black crocheted button trim on something, and here was my opportunity.  I just love it!  Then here are the chefs with jumbo rick rack and white buttons. Wouldn't this be a great hostess gift for your foodie friend with some spices zipped up inside?  I also had this fun bright pink and orange sewing themed fabric left over from a purse I had made and I decided to go with the pattern directions except that I added some mini pom poms before adding the top band.  Difficult to tell in the picture, but they are red and I think they look great. This would make a great gift for a sewing buddy,  maybe with some new sewing tool that you think is great and want to share.

Using my Baby Lock Soprano

I saw a Becca Bag online made out of M&M wrappers.  Well, of course, I had to try it.  I bought a bag of Twix, got it home, cut it, and found out I needed another bag.  Now, what am I going to do, I have all this candy laying around my sewing room? Once you sew the bags together, you cover them with Lazy Girl's "Slicker" an iron-on glossy vinyl. That is some fun stuff!  I will be using it again.

I also made some of the smaller Becca Bags using some leftover fabrics I had.  I used some decorative stitches on the black one in silver metallic and turquoise on the lime green one.  I covered the gardening one with Slicker.  I think this would be a great gift for a gardening friend  with a new pair of gardening gloves inside.

I hope you have as much fun as I did making multiple Becca Bags.  Remember they will wow your sewing and non-sewing friends.

Product Name: Becca Bags by Lazy Girl Designs

Machine: Baby Lock Soprano by Baby Lock

The pattern and all supplies to make it are available at Green's Sewing & Vacuum.

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