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tina munday bio

Tina Munday

My first experience with sewing was very basic. My mother attempted to show me the basics starting with threading the machine and mending. She loved sewing and crafts of pretty much every kind. However, teaching me really didn't go all that well. My second experience was a class I took in high school. Let's just say the instructor and I didn't see eye to eye so my interest in sewing was again set aside. It wasn't until I talked my mother and step dad into hiring me at Green's in 1995 that I started to gain an interest in sewing again. I was mesmerized by the embroidery machines. At the time, I was actually only selling vacuums, but I kept playing with the embroidery machines. So my mother decided to put me in a quilting class at a local quilt shop at the time called Calico Junction. So yes, our very own, Vickie Kiser is the person who taught me to sew and helped me stay inspired to continue with it. Eventually, Vickie and I started brainstorming with the embroidery machines and quilting and continue to do that today on a wider scale of the sewing industry.

 Vickie Kiser

Vickie Kiser

I have been sewing since I was 10. It, of course, started with doll clothes. My parents bought me a sewing machine for my birthday, and honestly, the rest is history. My mom sent me to sewing classes shortly thereafter. I started making a lot of my own clothes. I started quilting in the mid 70s along with a neighbor at a local community college in San Diego. When my husband, Dave, retired from the Navy we moved to Jacksonville, Oregon, and have lived here since 1988. I, along with a partner, purchased Calico Junction (a quilt shop) in 1992. I closed it in 2011. I started sewing for myself again and found the joy of making things for fun. I have been sewing for Green's for the last couple of years. I enjoy creating fun, different things and am looking forward to the future of continued model making and classes for Green's.


Jackie Loos

My mom liked to sew. I learned the basics from her and then took classes in school making simple garments. It wasn't until after getting married that I picked up sewing again as a way to pass the time while my husband was at sea. In the mid 80s while stationed in Minnesota, I found a quilting class and was hooked. Eventually we moved back to Medford (my hometown) and I purchased a long-arm. In the twenty plus years since then, I have been fortunate to work for several fabric stores in the valley, including Calico Junction and Fabric of Vision. I'm very excited to be able to collaborate with Tina and Vickie (wait until you see what we've been up to!) and can't wait to share all the wonderful ideas.


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