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Designer Knockoff Handbags from Designs in Machine Embroidery

I have been wanting to make one of the bags from 1 of the 2 Designer Knockoff books from Designs in Machine Embroidery since the first one came out.
Designer Knockoff Handbags Material Prep
When I stumbled on a piece of fabric that I thought would be perfect, now was my time. Oh yeah, best laid plans. It took me some time to gather the rest of the items needed to make the bag and when that finally happened, I got through about half of the bag and then was interrupted by, you guessed it, LIFE. Of course, there is the ordinary day-to-day, but then throw in jury duty and a trip to Central California with my dad to visit his sister, and then three of us have decided to rent a place on the coast for a mini sewing retreat. Tina and I are hoping to get some uninterrupted time working on projects for the store and upcoming events. So the preparation of projects to take so that you aren't wasting your time cutting, or possibly taking every piece of fabric you own (who wants to rent an 18-wheeler?), was quite time consuming too. My wonderful Knockoff bag kept getting shoved around the sewing room. Of course, too I was trying to keep everything together so that I didn't have to hunt for anything when I eventually got back to it.

Well, finally the time came, and there it was, in a pile of bits and pieces. Of course, I had to re-read the directions to figure out where I left off, because I don't know about you, but my memory is at max about a week ago with a sewing project, and it had been just about a month since I had last worked on it. I had gotten through the prep of most of the outer bag.
Designer Knockoff Handbags Using BabyLock Machine Designer Knockoff Handbags Using BabyLock Machine 2Embroidery wise all I had left was to embroider the outlines for the grommet placement on the lining pieces. Once that was done, it was on to basically putting it together. The construction of the handles differed from anything I had done before, but it was really easy. Also, using the large wonder clips is something I have done in the past and it worked well here too.
Designer Knockoff Handbags Material Prep 2I will admit that inserting the grommets through all that thickness was a bit tricky but after trimming a little at a time, they finally popped in. I did the zipper installation instead of using a magnet closure. This meant that I had to bind the top edges, but again, the wonder clips worked beautifully. Pins just would not have worked here through all the thickness.
Designer Knockoff Handbags Material Prep 3I think the finished bag turned out great. This was a general cotton weight fabric and I found a great piece of ultra suede in the stash that matched beautifully.
Designer Knockoff Handbags Using BabyLock Machine 3
I hope you enjoy making one of these bags as much as I did. There are a number of different designs in the books, including a small clutch. That's on my list to try, but first off to the coast. There will be pictures of our adventure and, of course, projects.

Product NameDesigner Knockoff using DIME Handbag 2 Designer Knockoff

Machine: Baby Lock Destiny by Baby Lock

The pattern and all supplies to make it are available at Green's Sewing & Vacuum

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