This is a cool product. I have been wanting to work with it for some time and finally have.

kraft tex paper fabric original set

I wanted to wash it first to see what it would be like. I read about the process on line and decided to try it. I had a bag pattern picked out and have kraft-tex in black and white. I decided with the other fabrics I chose, to use the black.

kraft tex paper fabric whitekraft tex paper fabric black

So I took the roll which is 19" x 1 1/2 yards and crumpled it up as best I could. It's pretty stiff stuff. I then threw it in the washer with my husband's jeans (think I wanted to mess up my own if it got ugly?) on warm wash and cool rinse. I then threw it all in the dryer. It came out pretty crumpled up. I then steamed it with a hot iron. I did not use a pressing cloth, I just ironed it as best I could. I then cut it according to my pattern directions. It sews beautifully. You do have to slow down when going through thicknesses, but other than that, it was great. I also did a light embroidery on it to showcase my fabric. Sorry, you will have to wait to see the finished bag. It will be one of our new models when the remodel is completed. What you say, you are remodeling?

something new is coming soon

Yes, we are expanding and will have a classroom, so stay in touch. We can't wait either!