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Log Cabin Table Runner Pre-Cut Kit by Maywood Studio

Have you ever had a day when you knew you wanted to work on something, but didn't want to get started on something big either because you felt you didn't have the time or maybe the energy to pick it out? Well, there I was in the sewing room. I had once again cleaned off the horizontal surfaces and had some time to work on something, Oh, sure, I have plenty of projects already started, but just didn't feel like trying to remember where I had left off. Then I looked at a pile of projects waiting for me, and I saw this package leaning against my sewing cabinet. I really liked the fabrics in the kit and decided I would start yet another project. Of course, being a log cabin design helped. I love log cabins.

Well I made the right choice. You open the kit, look at the instructions, and they have it packaged in order of use to construct the project. How easy is that? Just lay it out and start sewing.

Log Cabin Table Runner
I had the four blocks finished in less than 45 minutes.

Log Cabin Table Runner using my BabyLock
The top was done in an hour. Wow!!!

I decided to go ahead and quilt it myself on my Destiny using the Snap Hoop by Dime.
Log Cabin Table Runner using my BabyLock 2
I had used the Snap Hoop before for an embroidery design and liked it, but let me tell you that using it for quilting is fantastic. You just literally "snap" the quilt sandwich into the hoop and pick your quilting design and stitch. Yes, there are multiple hoopings, but it's so easy with the Snap Hoop, just lift the magnetic top of the hoop, place your sandwich in the hoop and drop the top back on, make some minor adjustments and go again. I quilted the runner with an all over stipple using Exquisite variegated thread V104.

Log Cabin Table Runner finished product

This was a quick, oh my gosh, I got it finished in one evening project. I will definitely make more. It was very rewarding. Come try one, I think you will really like doing these fun, easy projects. The table runners include the backing and binding. The quilts include the binding, but you do need to pick a backing.

Love 'em

Product NameLog Cabin Table Runner Pre-Cut Kit by Maywood Studio

Machine: Baby Lock Crescendo by Baby Lock

The pattern and all supplies to make it are available at Green's Sewing & Vacuum

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Guest - Terry Sheldon on Friday, 24 February 2017 04:35

So don't we get to see the finished quilt?

So don't we get to see the finished quilt?
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