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NOTEBOOK COVER (Recipes or whatever)

I love notebooks.


I’ll walk through stores, especially office supply, and see a notebook display and have to get over there to check them out.  I have them all over the house and I buy them just because.  You would think, being who I am, that I would have a notebook designated to each set of ideas, i.e., recipes, quilts, bags, embroidery, etc.  Nooooo-they are all mixed up, but oh well, it doesn’t matter.  Anyway, I was playing with one of Kimberbell Designs “Fun With Fringe” and decided to cover a notebook with the Christmas design and make it a collection of Christmas recipes.  I dug through my “notebooks” and found one that I had not yet scribbled in


I measured the cover.  It was 7” x 9 ½”, so I popped up the 5” x 7” hoop in the IQ designer of my Baby Lock Destiny II and started laying out what I wanted on the cover.  Once I was happy with the design, I placed two sheets of The Embroidery Store’s fusible no show mesh in the hoop for stabilizer along with a red tea towel and stitched out my design horizontally on the width of the towel.  Follow me while I make the cover:

My full notebook measured 9 ½” x 14”.  The towel measured approximately 18” x 28”.  When I stitched out the design, I placed it as close to the hem as I could without stitching my design on the hem itself.


 I removed the hem from the opposite end of the towel. 

DSC00658        DSC00659

Fold the towel in on itself so the design is close to the folded edge.  This will be on the spine of the notebook.   I then brought the cut edge under the hem of the towel.  Since my notebook top is 7” wide, I then measured 9 ½” from the fold and cut off the excess towel.  (photos 660 and 661)

When you open out the fold you will have two pieces. 

 DSC00662   DSC00663

Overlap the folded edge over the cut edge of the smaller piece placing a length of jumbo rick rack in between and stitch on the folded edge. 


DSC00666    DSC00667

Press both raw edges in ½” and stitch.  I decided to put buttons on the rick rack for a little more interest.  I used different sized buttons, because I had them.  

 DSC00668 DSC00670

Find center of your embroidery design and mark center on the back of the towel.  I used a chalk-o-liner for ease of removal.   My notebook is 9/12” tall so I measured 5” to each side of my center mark.  


Then cut 1” beyond those lines. 


Place right side up and fold in finished sides until it measures the width of your notebook (14”).   


Stitch the four corners so the inside measurement is slightly larger than the length of your notebook.  My notebook is 9 ½” so I sewed mine 9 ¾”, but it is a tight fit, so I would recommend  10”. 


Trim the four corners as shown. 


Turn right side out and press the long raw edges in.  It should be about a 1” fold.  Carefully stitch the raw edge down being careful not to stitch into the folded sides.  Stitch a length of ribbon to the top inside center for a bookmark and you are finished.  


Insert your note book and you have a great gift either for yourself or someone else.  Wouldn’t this be great as a shower gift with some your favorite recipes?  Or change up your design and words on the front, and use it for quilt ideas, or wherever your imagination goes.  I hope you enjoy this.

Night Before Christmas by OESD


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Tuesday, 19 October 2021

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