Bernette B37 Videos

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b38 + b37 Tutorial – Getting ready to sew (1/7)

Prepare correctly and connect everything: the main cable and the foot control are connected before you can get started sewing with your b38 or b37. You will find your accessories in the accessory box. The extension table is recommended for larger sewing projects: How is it attached and how is the height adjusted for you? In this tutorial video, we show you step-by-step how to perfectly prepare for your sewing project with your bernette.

b38 + b37 Tutorial – Bobbin winding and threading (2/7)

How is the bobbin wound with your b38 or b37 and how is it threaded correctly? In this video tutorial, we show you how you very easily first insert the reel of thread and secure the thread guide spring washer. Next, you pull the thread into the bobbin, press the bobbin to the right and start the winding with the foot control or with the start / stop button. Then you can thread the upper thread, press the foot control and then raise the lower thread. With these step-by-step instructions, everything is very easy to understand so that you are perfectly prepared for your sewing project.

b38 + b37 Tutorial – How to sew on a button (5/7)

The right button for every buttonhole: With your b38 or b37, it is very easy to sew on buttons and we will show you just how to do it in this tutorial video. First select the zigzag stitch and reduce the sewing speed. In your accessory box you will find the button-sew-on foot T, which you will now attach to your bernette sewing machine. Lower the feed dog and lower the needle with the hand wheel into the left hole of the button. Once you have lowered the sewing foot, sew three stitches and then stop. Now check with the hand wheel whether the needle fits into the right hole or whether you need to change the stitch width. Then sew several stitches with the foot control. Finally you just have to press the "Automatic sewing up" button and you can lift the feed dog again: your sewn-on button is now done!

b38 + b37 Tutorials – Buttonholes (4/7)

Would you like to sew buttonholes? This tutorial video shows you how easy it is with your b38 or b37: Simply select the stitch for the buttonhole, pull the button holder backwards so that you can insert the button and press the button holder together again. Then just pull the needle thread through the opening in the sewing foot and the buttonhole lever down as far as possible. Now you can sew your button hole. The machine stops automatically. The video shows you how you can prevent cutting open the stitches with two needles. Check the buttonhole size and, if necessary, adjust the button hole length with the button hole holder.

b37 Tutorial – Starting to sew/stitch selection (7/7)

The straight stitch is initially selected when you switch on your bernette 37. In this video, we show you how to ensure that the fabric edge is guided to be straight, how to make tie-off stitches and how to adjust the sewing speed. Of course if you would like to use other stitches than the straight stitch, the stitch overview in the accessories drawer will help you. For example, you can select the zigzag stitch by pressing the upper arrow key several times. Then the stitch width and length can also be adjusted if necessary. Did you know that you can also use the stitch pattern 8 to neaten the seams? To do this, it is best to use the optional foot C: In the video, we show you how you can change this easily.